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38 years after the release of the cult album “Not Trendy” produced by René Tinner in Conny Planks studio and 33 years after the last 12 inch “Badabou”, the newly recorded single “American Hostages” by the 80’s underground band TANK OF DANZIG is being released.

Available as an advance download just in time for the hot american presidential election campaigns and as a limited edition 7″ vinyl!

“American Hostages” is a musical treatise of the political problems in the world and is characterised by strong guitar sounds, heavy drums and wicked staccato vocals – get your copy now! The accompanying album “What Are They Fighting For?” will be released in 2021.

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About us

TANK OF DANZIG is one of the most known post-punk/no wave bands out of Germany, especially with a cult following in Belgium and the Netherlands. Influenced by groups and artists like Gang Of Four, The Pop Group, Arto Lindsay or James White/Contortions, the band did over 150 live gigs from 1980 to 1985, also shared the same stage with Shriekback, Blurt, Virgin Prunes, Tom Robinson Band, Siglo XX and many more.

Originally TANK OF DANZIG started out as a trio in 1980 around band leader Schengel (vocals) who was formerly the bass player in “Psychotic Tanks”. The first ever release was the three track 7 inch single “Your Brain E.P.”, followed by the cult album “Not Trendy” in 1982. After several releases until 1987, it became quiet around the band.

In 2020, Schengel and his new partner Hentschel (guitars) decided to revive the band and released a new single on October, 16th:

“American Hostages”.

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